Useful Regular Expression

This is a collection of useful regular expressions that I’ve found useful in doing some powerful manipulation of text, or extracting specific data. source source source

Keep it Secure – Enforce All Pages Over SSL

Recently I had a project that the client was using to collect user registration information, and we wanted to make sure that the information provided was done securely over SSL.  Rather than try to enforce this in the code, a simple change in the .htaccess file makes this easier to enforce.

CodeIgniter Sessions Variables

CodeIgniter uses it’s own sessions variables, so you won’t be working with native PHP sessions and functions. Below are how to set and get session variables, as well as display all the session variables for debugging. Set a session variable ‘user_id’ with a value of 41:   Get a session variable ‘user_id’ and display it: …

CodeIgniter Sessions Variables Read More »

Shopp Storefront Fix for WordPress 3.7

The current version of shopp when WordPress 3.7 was release is version 1.2.9.  In some cases, the storefront catalog page does not display properly in WordPress 3.7.  To fix this problem, the following snippet needs to be added to the functions.php file: Fix was provided by Barry on the Shopp support forums.

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