Secret WordPress Settings Page

WordPress has a secret options page to update values in the options table. Access it by changing the options page URL from /options-general.php to /options.php. I have found this useful for updating the admin email address since they have an authorization feature now.  This let me skirt this feature for making a change to the …

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Modifying Print Invoices and Packing Lists Template in Woocommerce

Modifying “Print Invoices & Packing Lists” WooCommerce add-on to remove unwanted columns.  This will remove the sku column from the invoice, and the weights column from the packing list.  The weight column was the primary reason for this code, and makes it simple to eliminate unwanted information. source:

Limit Search Results For Specific Post Types

Change the default wordpress search, and limit the results to only specific post types.  Change the array that is set to only include the post types that you want returned for the search.   reference:

Fun With Dates

Working with dates in PHP can get cumbersome. Especially when you need to calculate a date occurrence in the past or future. These examples should help get those dates, and output them in a human readable format. PHP Date Formatting Y 4 digit year (2018) y 2 digit year (18) F Long month (January) M …

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Enqueue stylesheet for jQuery UI from

CDN resources are useful for including common scripts, but the jquery ui script also requires the stylesheets. The following code will add the jqueryui stylesheets for the proper version that is included with wordpress. reference:

Replace @import in WordPress Child Themes

Stop using @import in child themes. Use the following code in your functions.php file to enqueue the parent theme style.css file, and avoid using @import. reference:

SELECT records with Today’s Date

I came across this little snippet for querying records where a date field matches today’s date. Using the date function to make sure that only the date portion is returned without the time makes it a quick query that does not require using an external programming language to try and format today’s date correctly for …

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