Shopp plugin

Get the Shopp Featured Products

This function will return the shopp objects that are tagged as featured in an array.  Once the objects are returned you can use the shopp() function, when looping through the array, to return the tag for the product (see  This will be faster than looping through all the products looking for ones that are …

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Adding ACF Pro support to Shopp Categories

The ACF Pro plugin apparently does not work any longer with the shopp plugin product categories. I found this code to add that support to ACF Pro.

Shopp Storefront Fix for WordPress 3.7

The current version of shopp when WordPress 3.7 was release is version 1.2.9.  In some cases, the storefront catalog page does not display properly in WordPress 3.7.  To fix this problem, the following snippet needs to be added to the functions.php file: Fix was provided by Barry on the Shopp support forums.

Target Specific Shopp Template Pages

I find that every build I have requires me looking up the functions to target specific  Shopp template pages, so I’m compiling a list for quick reference. is_account_page() returns true when the current page request is for the account page is_cart_page() returns true when the current page request is for the cart page is_catalog_frontpage() returns true if viewing …

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Shopp Plugin – Disable SSL for Development

When developing a shopping cart using the shopp plugin, if you are testing a payment gateway that requires an SSL certificate, you can have difficulties fully testing the site.  Add this constant to wp-config.php to disable SSL redirects on the checkout page: Just remember to remove it when the site is launched for production use.

Reset Shopp Cart for Development

During development and testing, you may need to reset the items in the cart, promo codes, shipping zip codes.  To do this use the following variable in the url for the shop page:

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