Vertical Align Content Without Using Display Table

The following code will allow you to vertically center content in a box, without having to use the css display properties of table and table-cell. reference:

Get URL Parameters in Javascript

A simple function that will allow you to get the URL parameters in javascript.

Get the Shopp Featured Products

This function will return the shopp objects that are tagged as featured in an array.  Once the objects are returned you can use the shopp() function, when looping through the array, to return the tag for the product (see  This will be faster than looping through all the products looking for ones that are …

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Adding ACF Pro support to Shopp Categories

The ACF Pro plugin apparently does not work any longer with the shopp plugin product categories. I found this code to add that support to ACF Pro.

Add WordPress Admin Account via FTP

Create yourself a wordpress admin user account if you only have ftp access to a site. Add this snippet to the theme’s functions.php file, or in a file in ~/wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder. Create New Admin Account in WordPress via FTP

Working With Taxonomy’s

I recently needed to work with a taxonomy that was created for a custom post type, where I needed to access the parent taxonomy.  I came across this same code in the wordpress support forums.  It should be useful when working with taxonomy’s in the future. reference:

Unorder List Navigation with Separator

Occasional I need to add a top navigation list or navigation list in the footer, and want to add a separator like the pipe symbol to make it obvious the separation of titles for each of the links. A simple solution to this is adding some css to automatically append them for you. reference:

Disable Large Breakpoint in Bootstrap 3 for LESS

Removing the large desktop layout in less can be achieved by commenting out a few lines in the grid.less file.  Comment out these two sections in the grid.less file, and the medium grid will become the largest size for your site layout. reference:

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